camiluhhh asked: i feel like i've been following you the longest, it's been years man and i've never regretted it!!

what the fuck I’ve been wondering where you’ve gone for months and it turns out I just didn’t realize your icon/name change! You’re always part of tumblr for me in a way and I was bummed you had left like many others we’ve been following for YEARS. 

anyway, same and what a nice message! 

make that my wall paper. close the case. sell me at the market. check your books. 

damn, Cameos! 

damn, Cameos! 

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Andre 3000 - Vibrate

story of my life.

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fine by me

Started Mother 3 today.


Aaron Smith


Aaron Smith

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Have to google myself too to make sure none of my pizza or political posts show up even though they are unrelated


Have to man up and email professionals to set up interviews for a school project. not happy about this. Lectures have been great at school and the assignments have been disconcerting. 

throwing it down

throwing it down

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